Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Check Your Car’s Suspension in the Spring.

Your car has been through a lot this winter.  You have driven over salted highways and you have undoubtedly hit a pot hole or two along the way.  Winter takes quite a toll on your tires and your car’s alignment and suspension.  Now that spring is on its way here are some signs to look for regarding your vehicle’s suspension.

1.)           Your car is riding roughly.

2.)           It drifts or pulls during turns.

3.)           You notice a “dipping” when you come to an abrupt stop.

4.)           The tread on your tires appears to be uneven.

5.)           Your shocks have become oily and viscous.

These and many other problems regarding your vehicle’s suspension and alignment need to be addressed in March.  Your professional car care headquarters in the Kansas City area is Able Auto Service - located at 837 Osage Ave. in KC.  At Able, Rob and his team know what to look for when your car is driving “funny”.   Able Auto Service does it all.  Drive in today or visit their website at www.ableautoservice.net.

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  1. You are right! I am thoroughly agreed with you. We have to check our car suspension in the spring. Thanks a lot for all info.