Monday, May 2, 2016

Car Battery Problems in Kansas City.

There is a method of knowing when your car battery is going south on you.  To understand your vehicle’s battery know that you are dealing with a lead acid structure in a plastic box.  Encased in that battery is a delicate balance of chemicals which are ready to interact and produce electricity.  Chances are your battery has a chemical issue.

Here are three tests that need to be done to discover if the battery in your car needs to be replaced: 

1.  Inspect the battery.  Sometimes it is obvious upon inspection.  It could be anything from a broken terminal to leakage.
2.  Take a voltage reading.  If it is reading 0 volts there is a good chance that a short circuit has occurred.
3.  Load test the battery.  You need a digital volt meter for the test to be accurate.

Let’s face it.  This is the job for a professional auto mechanic.  Able Auto Service, located at 837 Osage Ave, is a vehicle battery professional.  At Able The “A-Team” will troubleshoot your car’s battery and replace it if necessary.  The best news of all is that they won’t do work that you DON’T need.  Drive in today or give them a call at 913-321-1030.

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