Monday, July 18, 2016

When to Replace Your Muffler.

When you head out on that summer trip make sure that your vehicle is in tip top condition for the grueling summer driving months.  One thing that should be in the back of your mind is - when is it the right time to replace my muffler?  Some parts are easier to troubleshoot such as a low battery, bad tires, or when it is time for an oil change.

When it comes to replacing your car’s muffler there are a few warning signs to look, listen, and sniff for -

1.  The obvious one is a loud noise from beneath your car.
2.  Are you getting less miles per gallon?  Monitor your vehicle’s performance with every trip to the pump.
3.  Sniff out the problem!  When your muffler begins acting up, foul smells will begin emanating which over time could actually become fatal in a confined area.

More than 3 decades ago Rob Greiner’s dad saw a need in Kansas City for quality auto repair.  That gave birth to Able Auto Service.  Over the years the “A-Team” has expanded to give you the best car care KC can offer.  Able Auto Service is your muffler replacement expert.  Make an appointment today to visit them at their 837 Osage Ave. location by calling (913) 321-1030.

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