Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Strut In and Check Your Shocks.

Shocks and struts…when is it time to have your vehicle checked for new ones?  Have you recently hit one of the Kansas City area’s famous pot holes and afterwards your car continues to shake?  That is a sure sign that your shocks and struts need mending.  Surely you know that this is not only bad for your car, but unsafe for all of your passengers!

Here are some sure signs to look for –

1.  Your ride quality is noticeably poorer
2.  When you brake your car tends to nosedive
3.  The car “leans” to one side or the other
4.  Look around for visible damage such as dents or leaks

With a change of seasons, this is the perfect time to pay close attention to your vehicle’s overall health.  Staying on top of that is your shock and strut expert in Kansas City, Able Auto Service.  You have trusted them for your car’s health and your family’s safety for years.  Call for an appointment at their location…837 Osage Ave. (913) 321-1030.

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