Tuesday, September 4, 2018

No One Can Underestimate the Safety of your Brakes.

No matter how you slice it, the quality of your vehicle’s braking system is THE most important of all safety features on your ride.  Think about the entire package.  If you are traveling at high speeds on Kansas City area roadways you need plenty of time to make a safe stop.  Since you are not Fred Flintstone, you have to rely on your braking system!

This is not only the safety of your entire family, but also the animals that may dart out in front of your car in the fall demanding quick reaction and quality brakes.  Here is an easy habit to get into…have your brake system checked twice a year.  And, since it is nearly time for a change of seasons why not make it at the beginning of fall and the start of spring?

Now that we have established the why and the when, let’s turn our attention to the who.  That answer is Kansas City area brake and automotive repair specialist Able Auto Service.  The A-Team is ready to serve your vehicle’s every mechanical need at their 837 Osage Ave. location in Kansas City KS.  Call ahead at (913) 321-1030.

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