Monday, October 1, 2018

Yes, We Are That Confident!

Believe it or not, you have it right here in the Kansas City area.
You’ve heard about price match guarantees I’m sure.  You expect it from the giant retailers because they are dealing with goods instead of services.  When it comes to automotive repair it is much more difficult to find a price match guarantee.

Able Auto Service breaks the mold!  On their website is a virtual coupon that lines out this most unusual guarantee.  It may seem hard to believe on the surface, but after decades of serving this area they are confident that they can match ANY and ALL other auto service quotes.

Discover this for yourself by going to the website.  You have nothing to lose and you have one of the most highly trained staffs in the area to back it up.  Stop in at the shop located at 837 Osage Ave in Kansas City KS for an estimate or call ahead for an appointment at (913) 321-1030.  They will get the job done at the lowest cost possible…guaranteed!

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