Tuesday, February 18, 2020

End of Winter Means More Potholes.

It seems inevitable around the Kansas City area.  When winter finally winds to a close (I know, it will still be awhile) the potholes start to permeate the highways and byways of our commute.  Potholes obviously take a huge toll on your vehicle’s tires.  So, try to avoid them.  Good luck with that one!

We don’t have the word tires in our name, but we want you to know that they are one of our specialties at Able Auto Service.  When it comes to balancing, rotating, patching, and repairing them you won’t have to make a special stop at a store that mostly sells tires.  When the time comes that you may need new wheels, we will help you determine what to look for.

You see, the A-Team specializes in much more than just the best auto service in the Kansas City area.  We also know a thing or two about the rubber that hits the road.  Count on Able Auto Service to help keep KC on the rolling along this season by visiting our shop located at 837 Osage Ave. in Kansas City KS.  Call for an appointment if you wish at (913) 321-1030.

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