Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Safety First this Holiday Season.

We hope this will be the best holiday season of all for you and your family.  Take extra time when negotiating traffic this time of year with shopping and holiday parties, etc.  We want to see you enjoy the New Year.  If the weather becomes inclement please slow down.  You will get where you are going in time.   Trust and believe whoever is waiting for you will appreciate that you took the extra time to arrive safe and sound.

One thing to be aware of is the weather conditions in other areas and in the near future where you may be traveling this holiday season.  Please don’t assume that just because it happens to be sunny and moderate today in Kansas City (if by some miracle it is) that three days from now the weather will be the same in St. Louis.  Check the forecast ahead of time and make preparations accordingly up to and including leaving a little earlier or later.

During this holiday season and in the year to come get to know the car care professionals in the Kansas City area at Able Auto Service.  We don’t want you to find us by accident, but rather by choice.  Able Auto Service is a full service auto repair shop located at 837 Osage Ave. in Kansas City KS.  Call them for an estimate or to make an appointment at (913) 321-1030.

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