Monday, January 16, 2017

Your Exhaust System this Winter.

Exhaust systems and mufflers need to be serviced and maintained year around.  This is not just for your own car’s performance, but for the planet as well.  A poorly maintained exhaust system pollutes the air around us.  Also, a bad muffler pollutes our ears!  It just makes sense to pay attention to these things during a Kansas City winter.

Here is a reason that your vehicle’s exhaust system needs to be in top shape in the dead of winter.  If you get stranded in the KC Metro in snow or freezing cold you have only your car to keep you warm.  Suddenly a leaky exhaust is not just noticeable, but downright dangerous.  You may HAVE to be able to run your heat to save your family.

Don’t become exhausted because of a bad exhaust system this winter.  Before we go through another 2+ months of this stuff make an appointment with Able Auto Service to have your exhaust system checked for potential winter problems.  The A-Team is always there for you. Make an appointment today at (877) 716-0776 to visit their shop at 837 Osage Ave. in Kansas City KS.

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