Thursday, February 2, 2017

When Your Car Battery Says That’s Enough.

Unless we are very diligent auto owners we do not stay on top of our car’s degenerating battery.  Then, one day it decides that it has had enough.  You have heard that dreadful sound as it grinds to a halt or worse…no sound at all!  No matter what time of year this happens it just simply stinks, but when it happens in the dead of winter it can become positively dangerous.

Unless you are an auto mechanic you may not be certain of the exact problem.  It could be the alternator rather than just a dead battery.  What you need is a pro who can troubleshoot the exact problem and not only fix it, but offer a lifetime warranty on most alternators as well as having a large variety of brand new batteries in stock.

Kansas City is not warming up any time soon.  Why not get on top of things BEFORE an emergency strands you out in the KC area cold.  Make an appointment with Able Auto Service to have your battery and alternator checked.  The A-Team is always there for you. Call today at (877) 716-0776 to visit their shop at 837 Osage Ave. in Kansas City KS.

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