Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Turn Down the Heat.

Isn’t this a great time of year in Kansas City?  Our Royals are about to head north to begin the season.  The weather is also about to transition from chilly to mild, then downright hot.  I suppose that you could wait until May, but there will be a day sooner than later (mark my words) when your car’s A/C will be needed.

Why not have it checked now before you have an uncomfortable ride?  You haven’t turned on your vehicle’s air conditioning for some time now, so who knows what surprises may be in store when you do.  Late March is a great time to flush your coolant, have your freon checked, and make sure those lines and seals will hold up to the long summer ahead.

As always, when the seasons change your choice of auto maintenance is always the same.  For years, you have trusted all of your cars to the A-Team.  Able Auto Service is your Kansas City area vehicle air conditioning check-up professional.  Make an appointment soon to have your A/C checked and ready at their 837 Osage Ave. by calling (913) 321-1030.

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