Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Should I have my Brakes Checked?

We are finally coming out of winter.  Our Royals are about to fire it up again working toward getting back on track for a world championship.  Your car went through a lot this winter.  It always does in Kansas City.  Let’s concentrate on your brake pads for the time being as we did a partial spring maintenance check-list last month.

There are some obvious signs that you need your brakes checked.  A “mushy feeling” when you press down on the brake pedal is one.  Another is obviously any type of noise that you hear when you apply the brakes.  On Kansas City area highways traveling at 60 miles an hour it could take the length of a football field to stop…that’s WITH well-maintained brakes!

Brakes may not be the “sexiest” thing on your vehicle, but they are just about the most important.  Make sure that your brakes are inspected for the long spring and summer ahead.  Better weather usually means more driving.  Your Kansas City area vehicle brake expert is the A-Team.  Call Able Auto Service for a brake-check appointment at (913) 321-1030.

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