Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Have you been Out of Line Lately?

No, you don’t have to confess your little indiscretions here.  We are talking about your car.  You have been dodging and riding over potholes all winter.  Now that spring is here it is time to have your car’s alignment checked.  Putting it off could lead to much bigger driving problems as spring turns into summer.

Here are a few signs that the time has come –

1.  Do you find yourself holding on to the steering wheel a little tighter?
2.  Does the wheel itself turn slightly when you drive on a straightaway?
3.  How long has it been since the wheel alignment was checked?  It should be yearly.

If you procrastinate, chances are that you will need to replace your tires much sooner.  There is an expense I know you would like to put off as long as possible!  Steer…or veer into Kansas City’s wheel alignment specialist.  The A-Team at Able Auto Service will get your car back on the straight and narrow.  Call them for an appointment at (913) 321-1030.

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