Monday, October 16, 2017

There’s a Spider on my Windshield!

You wish that’s all it is.  A spider in this case is a small crack that is growing and “spidering” throughout your car’s windshield.  A crack in your windshield is not just ugly…it’s downright dangerous!  If you continue to ignore that small crack it will probably grow exponentially and become a real hazard.

Some things to remember as a driver –

1.  Have a glass repair kit in your trunk for temporary repairs.
2.  Super Glue may hold the glass together for a short period of time.
3.  Apply nail polish inside AND out.
4.  Assess the size of the crack.
5.  Seek out a professional repair shop.

That last advice is the best.  A cracked windshield on your vehicle is NEVER going away.  Before it becomes a driving danger get into the shop of Able Auto Service.  The A-Team at Able are Kansas City Kansas’ windshield repair professionals.  Make an appointment as soon as possible at their 837 Osage Ave. shop by calling (913) 321-1030.

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