Sunday, October 8, 2017

What is an Alternator?

I will bet that the majority of Americans could not find an alternator if it were put in front of them with three other auto parts.  So, what is it anyway?  The definition of an alternator is a generator that produces an alternating current.  Okay, that is still about as clear as mud!  The important thing for you to know is when you need to take your car into the shop.

Here are some signs that your car’s alternator is giving you problems –

1.  A dash light will flash on briefly
2.  The lights dim or flicker
3.  A smell or odd sound from beneath the hood.

Your car did not get possessed by Christine, but it may eventually die on you.

Not on my watch you say.  You need to get a check-up at the first sign of any of these maladies in your vehicle.  In Kansas City, motorists know to count on the A-Team.  Able Auto Service is your Kansas City KS area alternator specialists.  Call today for an inspection of this curious piece of equipment at (913) 321-1030.

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