Thursday, March 15, 2018

Engine Repair = Brain Surgery.

I know it is a radical concept, but your vehicle’s engine IS its brain.  When the engine needs repair you need to count on an “automotive brain surgeon” to fix it.  Keeping your car’s engine in tip-top condition is very simply life and death for the future of your ride.  Never, ever take it lightly!

Engine problems occur for any of a variety of reasons.  What your car may need is –

1.  A complete reprogramming of its computer
2.  Diagnosis of the engine
3.  Looking carefully at the evaporation emission system
4.  Of course, analyzing the ABS light.

There are many other things that a trained professional knows to look for.  The engine diagnostic professionals at Able Auto Service have had decades of experience…long before your vehicle had a “computerized brain”.  Count on the A-Team for all of your Kansas City area engine diagnoses.  Call (913) 321-1030 for a check-up at our 837 Osage Ave. location.

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