Thursday, April 5, 2018

Just Roll your Window Down.

Sure, it’s easy this time of year in KC.  You just roll down your window (unless it’s raining, of course) and breeze down the road with the spring air flowing over you.  You know this moderate weather won’t last very long.  Maybe you just turned off the heater in your car and soon you will be reaching for the A/C.

When you do, will it crank out those BTU’S like it did last summer?  Your car's air conditioning system works just like a refrigerator or your home air conditioning unit. The purpose of the system is to remove hot air from the inside of your vehicle.  That all seems simple enough, but getting it back to its peak performance may not be.

At Able Auto Service the A-Team will inspect your air conditioning lines and seals, we will check your freon level and flush your coolant.  This, and maybe more, goes into to keeping you cool in the summer when the heat and humidity hit with full force.  We are Kansas City’s air conditioning auto care specialists.  Make an appointment today by calling (913) 321-1030.

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