Monday, April 16, 2018

Along Came a Spider.

It starts with some innocuous little chip in the corner of your windshield and before you know it, you’ve got a spider!  Many drivers think that a cracked windshield is just a small annoyance, and the issue does not receive the attention that it deserves.  Safety experts recommend immediate corrective actions.

Here are some ways to stop the spreading

1.  Examine the extent of the crack right away.
2.  Super glue or nail polish may be a temporary solution.
3.  Keep your car in the shade.
4.  Get to a professional as soon as possible.

As to that last point…if you live in the greater Kansas City area trust the auto windshield repair pros at Able Auto Service located at 837 Osage Ave. in Kansas City KS.  The A-Team has been repairing and replacing windshields it seems like since the days of the Edsel!  Call for an appointment before a crack turns into a spider (913) 321-1030.

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