Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Excuse Me…I Can’t Hear you Over the Muffler.

A bad muffler is not only a hinderance, but downright annoying as well!  While consistent vehicle maintenance is always a plus, there are few components where this is more vital than with your muffler.  If you wait too long to get your muffler serviced it will probably mean costly repair bills, and often a small problem easily turns into a much larger one.

Here are some of warning signs of a muffler going bad –

1.  Noise…you have heard that sound in other vehicles if not your own before.
2.  Lower MPG…pay attention when you fill up.
3.  Putrid smells…the fumes can be stuck in your car and that’s dangerous.

As they used to say about kids…well-working exhaust systems should be seen and NOT heard!  Common sense tells us that your muffler and your vehicle’s exhaust system need to be checked and serviced when necessary.  For that job, call the A-Team…the Kansas City area car repair professionals at Able Auto Service at 837 Osage Ave.  Call ahead at (913) 321-1030. 

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