Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Tighten Your Belt.

That’s good advice for dieters and managers of money.  It is GREAT advice for car owners!  This is no small point.  A belt or hose failure can cause an overheated engine, loss of power steering, and loss of the electrical charging system.  If a hose leaks coolant or the belt turning the water pump snaps, the cooling system becomes inoperable. 

Here are some basic maintenance tips –

1.  Check the white coolant-recovery tank to ensure proper levels.
2.  Squeeze the hoses to feel if it’s mushy…make sure it’s cool!
3.  Inspect for cracks and nicks while the engine is hot.
4.  Flush and replace the coolant in conjunction with your owner’s manual.

Experts recommend that that all hoses be replaced at least every four years or, obviously when one fails.  Have your hoses and belts checked professionally by the A-Team.  That’s the team of auto mechanics at Able Auto Service.  The Kansas City area has counted on their expertise for many, many years.  Call (913) 321-1030 or stop in at 837 Osage Ave. in Kansas City, KS.

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