Thursday, July 15, 2021

One Ping and It’s Over.

That is what can happen as you travel more this summer than you did last year. There are more trucks and other things on the road that can suddenly fling a pebble that hits your vehicle’s windshield. From there, the spider grows and grows! Auto glass repair and replacement specialist Able Auto Service is “able” to help in the Kansas City area.

The A-Team at Able Auto Service of Kansas City specializes in auto glass as well as automotive mechanical repair. That is really good to know when your car’s windshield is compromised. Able Auto Service is really a full-service auto repair shop from top to bottom.

For the full story on all of the auto repair and maintenance services that Able Auto Service provides learn more about the A-Team by visiting When the time comes, as it surely will this summer and beyond, please call ahead and make an appointment if it is practical at (913) 321-1030. They are located at 837 Osage Ave. in Kansas City, KS.

Thursday, July 1, 2021

The Importance of a Radiator Flush.

While radiator coolant is important, like most fluids running through your car’s system, it can build up all sorts of contaminants and collect debris. Over time, your radiator coolant can be the cause of radiator corrosion, rust, and scaling in your car’s radiator or engine. The A-Team at Able Auto Service are radiator flush experts, among many other things.

Think of it as a blood transfusion for your car! A radiator flush from Able Auto Service involves forcing several gallons of cleaner, water, and new antifreeze through the system to get rid of all the old gunk and the vast majority of the contaminants that may have built up in it.

You will be back on the road in no time with a clean radiator thanks to the A-Team. Call Able Auto Service for an appointment at 837 Osage Ave. in Kansas City KS. That phone number is (913) 321-1030. You can see their vast array of auto services at

Monday, June 14, 2021

Your Vehicle’s Air Conditioning System Takes Center Stage.

The first thing is to understand that your car’s air conditioning system is comprised of many components which includes a compressor that drives the engine; an expansion valve that regulates the flow of the refrigerant; and two heat exchangers which include the evaporator and condenser. If things are not working properly Able Auto Service will fix your car’s air conditioning system.

Here are some warning signs –

1.  The first is obvious…no cold air is blowing out.

2.  The air seems cool, but it does not get cold.

3.  There is a mildew smell…nasty!

4.  The a/c is louder than your engine.

5.  Water is leaking onto the floorboards.

The A-Team fixes it all! The A-Team comprises the professional auto mechanics at Able Auto Center located at 837 Osage Ave. in Kansas City, KS. If you have car problems this summer in the Kansas City area, call Able Auto Center at (913) 321-1030. For more information visit

Friday, June 4, 2021

More Driving = More Alignment Problems.

Do you plan on taking your first vacation outside of Kansas City this summer? Perhaps your last real car vacation was in 2019. It could be very important to have your vehicle’s alignment checked before you head out on the road. That means a check-up by the A-Team. They are the mechanics at Able Auto Service of Kansas City.

Here are some things that could go wrong with your car’s alignment –

1.  Does your vehicle frequently pull on all types of roads?

2.  When did you start noticing the problem?

3.  When was the last time you had your steering parts replaced?

4.  Have you rotated your tires recently?

These are signs to look for before heading out for any summer driving. If you plan on driving more miles in the near future count on Able Auto Service at 837 Osage Ave. in Kansas City KS. Make an appointment by calling the A-Team at (913) 321-1030. Visit their website at this address

Monday, May 24, 2021

The Cold or the Heat…Which Causes More Damage to your Car’s Battery?

Many people around the Kansas City area believe if their vehicle’s battery is going to fail, it will likely happen on an extremely cold winter day. Batteries, of course, fail in cold weather, but you might be surprised to learn more car batteries fail in summer than they do in winter. That is why you need a check-up at an auto maintenance professional shop such as Able Auto Service.

It won’t surprise you that most batteries are designed for optimal performance at temperatures ranging between 68 and 86 degrees (just like a good old KC area spring.) Both extreme cold and extreme heat cause problems HOWEVER, heat-related extremes are more serious because they damage the battery!

Let the A-Team keep you on the road this hot summer. Have your vehicle’s battery checked by the automotive car care experts at Able Auto Service located at 837 Osage Ave. in Kansas City KS. For more information about the A-Team take a look at and schedule your battery check by calling (913) 321-1030.